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RNCM Top Tables
Following a recent study by the Guardian, the Royal Northern College of Music, on Oxford Road in Manchester, has been classed as the best Music Education establishment in the UK. The college come out with an overall teaching mark of over 92%. The RNCM topped stiff competition from such leading colleges as, the Royal College of Music in London, the Trinity College, The Royal Academy and the Guildhall colleges all in London.

We hope the college will keep up the good work in years to come.

MESSAGE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have opened a new message board for you to post your news, events and questions/answers on. Please visit and post a discussion, debate, qestion/answer or genral news, comments and gossip. Enjoy. Visit the message board at:

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Licencing for Churches!!!!!!!
There is a bill, to be introduced as a law soon if we don't act, that churches and cathedrals (etc) are to obtain a licence to hold music and other entertainment based events. Please write to your local mp to voice your concern about this truly rediculous bill.


Left to Right: Gareth Westwood, John Ingman, James Garlick, Gary Walsh